Williams House

Williams House is an intensive residential treatment program for adult males. The treatment plan includes individual and group counseling, personal and social adjustment goals and includes Gorski's Relapse Prevention Training. Clients in the residential program are assisted in obtaining adequate housing upon program completion. ADACCV treatment programs actively encourage family participation and involvement in the client's treatment and recovery process.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a Texas resident

  • If placement is through Texas Department of State Health Services (TX DSHS) funding, clients must meet DSM IV Chemical Dependency criteria and income eligibility guidelines. Some persons with limited income may qualify for sliding scale fee for services.

  • Physical & TB Test are required prior to admission.

  • Copy of Substance Abuse Evaluation (SAE) if applicable.

Financial Information

Self-pay fees: Male Residential Treatment - Williams House
$145 per day - average 45 days - payment up front $6,525

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.  Some persons may qualify for State of Texas funding and we accept Medicaid. However, if persons do not qualify for state funded treatment or do not have Medicaid benefits, ADACCV offers a "self-pay" program. This method of payment allows anyone to receive quality treatment at a very affordable cost. Self-Pay payments are required up front and there are no refunds for self-pay treatment costs.

While in treatment at our residential facilities, most clients experience no "out-of-pocket" expenses. Both treatment programs are full-time, live-in programs where food and housing are included.

No information will be released about clients unless the client has signed a release of information for that person or entity. Each facility functions with additional rules and regulations in order to maintain structure, stability and efficient operation of the programs.