The $1000 Partner Club is a way for you to help us accomplish our mission- to save lives and create a healthier community.  Currently, there is no detox program available for the indigent population in the Concho Valley, but the need is great. The Journey Recovery Center is our answer to the lack of comprehensive services in the Concho Valley. ADACCV is conducting a $6 million Capital Campaign to add an urgently needed indigent substance abuse detox program.

By joining our $1000 Partner Club, you let the community know that you believe in a vision of a healthier Concho Valley, that substance abuse treatment is effective and that people can recover. Members of the $1000 Partner Club invest $1000 into the Journey Recovery Center either in one payment, or in increments over two years. Members will be featured on our $1000 Partner Club board at the new facility.

To join ADACCV's $1000 partner Club, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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