A Brief History of the ADACCV Alumni Group

January 2017
When I started as the ADACCV Executive Director in 2001, I found an organization with a long, significant history in the community, many great staff who were committed to serving and helping others and a long list of people in recovery who had been helped by our organization.  I also found that many of our current clients wanted so much to help us with our immediate needs such as repairs to the facilities and equipment and also to fill vacant positions.  However, because of state rules and regulations, these clients were unable to help out in these ways.

Sometime around 2003, we started encouraging our staff and some former clients to start an ADACCV Alumni Group to begin work on a plan and strategy towards the eventual accomplishment of the following goals:

1) Establish a 24 – Hour recovery-based, relapse prevention center where eligible former clients and anyone wanting to prevent relapse could visit any time during the day or night to avoid relapse and relapse triggers in a safe, recovery-focused, supervised environment.  It was intended to be created, planned, facilitated and supervised by eligible, volunteer ADACCV alumni.

2) Provide a method whereby eligible former clients could give back to ADACCV by volunteering to maintain facilities, donate money and in-kind goods to ADACCV to assist ADACCV with its operations of Williams House and Sara’s House and its outpatient program.

3) Provide a method whereby eligible former clients could provide encouragement, motivation and support to current ADACCV clients participating in treatment in one of our programs.

Finally, after a few years of planning and re-engaging staff and former clients, our first Alumni Group started meeting sometime around 2006 … Since then, the ADACCV Alumni Group has grown and recently has gained new energy and purpose.

ADACCV is very proud and excited to support our Alumni Group and we will work together towards fulfilling its mission of providing its members with support and Hope by continuing to carry a message of Recovery far beyond treatment.

Eric A. Sanchez – ADACCV Chief Executive Officer