youth drug awareness program

Parents: Has your teen experienced negative consequences due to drugs or alcohol? Let us help educate and motivate them!

Our interactive program empowers teens with knowledge and skills:

• Physical, emotional and social effects of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, prescription and other drugs
• Effects of drug and alcohol abuse in education, goals and future success
• How to say "no" to drugs in practical situations
• How to be a positive influence with peers that may use drugs and alcohol

Program Fee:  $200
(Must be paid in full at time of registration)
Class time is 4 hours, scheduled on an individual basis.


Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Class

This class was developed by the Texas Department of Health to help teens stop using tobacco products. When a minor is caught in possession of tobacco, the judge may order the minor to attend this class.

The program covers topics such as: why teens smoke, what's really in tobacco, legal consequences, family and friend support, short and long term health effects, addiction, and tips for successful cessation.

The class is also available to anyone in the public who would like to take the course to help them stop using tobacco. The average age of attendants is 12-17.


drugs in the workplace assistance program

Have you detected a drug or alcohol problem among your staff?

Our program provides employees:

  • A comprehensive alcohol and drug screening by a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Up to 4 hours of personalized education by a trained Prevention Specialist
  • Knowledge about physical, emotional and social effects of drug and alcohol and losses to employer due to substance use
  • Appropriate for any adult in the community requiring drug or alcohol education

Program Fee: $200
(May be paid by the employer or employee at time of registration)