The ADACCV Alumni Group is a support group for former ADACCV clients. The Alumni Group is comprised of positive people living positive, sober lives. We would love for you to join the ADACCV Alumni group! We invite you to join us at our next meeting. For more information please call 325-224-3481 or contact Rachel Hernandez.


A few words from current members

ADACCV Alumni holds a special place in my heart always… I graduated from Sara’s House on September 22, 2015. Two weeks later I became involved with ADACCV Alumni. On February 4, 2016 I was chosen as president of the Alumni. My life had already changed when I completed Sara’s House, but the Alumni group changed my life even more! Alumni gave me purpose, meaning, hope, determination, and motivation. I knew this was where I could help others on their journey to recovery. However, I never realized I was also helping myself to stay on that narrow path of sobriety. My goal now is to give back to the clients in treatment what ADACCV and Alumni have given me…purpose, meaning, hope determination and motivation. The Journey Continues.
-ADACCV Alumni President

To me I was extremely selfish in the depths of my addiction. It had a negative ripple effect on everyone and anyone around me. I do not want to see any person have to go through what I went through. If I can give just one person some hope to get over their addiction then I will be ecstatic! I compare what the Williams House and ADACCV have done for me to getting a kidney transplant or someone saving me from drowning. It would be completely unjust not to give back to a program that has saved my life. I am here and will continue to help go to war against addiction. “People are like glow sticks. Sometimes they have to break before they can shine.”
-ADACCV Alumni Member

The ADACCV Alumni group operates on gifts and donations. If you would like to donate please click here. Thank you for supporting the ADACCV Alumni group!