Chief Executive Officer

Eric A. Sanchez


Melissa Madrid, HR Director
Maria DeAnda, Admin Support Tech
Ramon Ortiz, Maintenance
Ruby Hernandez, Receptionist
Juan Guevara, Maintenance


James Foreman, Chief Financial Officer
Eva Hester, Assistant Bookkeeper
Ginger Guetlein, Accounting Clerk

Operations &  Program Development

Paulette Schell, Operations & Program Development Director

HHSC Prevention Staff

Chelsea Ashton, ACPS-I, HHSC Prevention Director and Compliance Coordinator
Courtney Bingham, LBSW, CPS-I Prevention Coordinator
Julianna Gonzalez, CPS-I, Prevention Specialist II
Maggie Guerrero, LBSW, APS, Prevention Specialist II
Jennifer Florez, Prevention Specialist II
Lauren Payne, Prevention Specialist

DFC Prevention Staff

Ray Valadez, ACPS-I, DFC Prevention Director Director and Marketing Specialist
LaTonya Smith, APS Concho Valley CARES Program Coordinator / Outreach Coordinator

Treatment Services

Larry Doty, LCDC, Outpatient Program Director
EddieVega,LCDC, Residential Program Director
Rachel Hernandez, Intake Coordinator

Sara's House

Jessica Bedingfield, Counselor Intern (CI)
Laura Weaver, Counselor Intern (CI)
Sandy Barnes, Facility Manager
Yvonne Castillo, Program Tech
Ramona Rodriquez, Program Tech
Abigail Valadez, Program Tech
Cecile Blair, Program Tech
Jeanette Woolever, Program Tech
Sharon Eisenbach, Childcare

Williams House

Clarence Gray, LCDC
Leroy Sennette, LCDC
Keith Gaines, Program Tech
Raymond Ard, Program Tech
Ronnie Murray, Program Tech
Johnny Wilson, Program Tech
Desmond Dixon, Program Tech
Matthews Dale, Lead Program Tech
Ruben Robles, Program Tech

Outpatient Services

Sara Shurbet, Counselor Intern (CI)