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ADACCV and its Board of Directors are committed to providing a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program by adding detoxification services for indigent, uninsured and underinsured Concho Valley residents. An expansion plan has been developed that includes a 20,000+ square foot addition to ADACCV’s Cotton Lindsey Center at 3553 Houston Harte Expressway in San Angelo. The expansion will allow ADACCV to consolidate its services to one location and double its residential treatment capacity by providing 30 male treatment beds and 18 female treatment beds.  ADACCV will also add residential detoxification services that can accommodate up to 12 clients. The estimated cost of this project is approximately $5,000,000.

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) —, drug and alcohol addiction is a complex disease. Drugs and alcohol change the brain in ways that foster compulsive abuse. Addiction continues to have the stigma of being a “moral issue” when in reality, it is a serious disease. Quitting is difficult and when one is ready to seek treatment, there needs to be as few roadblocks as possible.


ADACCV’s target population includes the indigent, homeless, jobless, uninsured and underinsured adult males and females who may otherwise be unable to access alcohol and substance abuse treatment through private or personal means. ADACCV primarily services the Concho Valley, a 13 county region that is over 16,000 square miles, but will serve any eligible adult resident in the nation.


A full-scope substance abuse treatment program is comprised of three stages:

1.) Detox -> 2.) Rehab -> 3.) Aftercare

Detox is a crucial healthcare component and continues to be the major gap for hundreds in ADACCV’s target population. It has been nonexistent in our community for over 15 years. Detox helps stabilize clients and allows them to safely and comfortably remove the toxins from their body.

According to research performed by A. Thomas McLellan, PhD, of the Treatment Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania –, when detox services are available immediately for those in need, clients will be better engaged in rehabilitation and in the long run will be more successful in maintaining their recovery. Without detox, they are at higher risk of continuing in their addiction and will remain a burden on the local healthcare system, legal system and other community resources.


ADACCV estimates approximately 375 persons per year seek detox services directly through ADACCV. Shannon Hospitals Systems reports over 1,200 persons were seen in 2010 for alcohol and drug abuse and dependence. Sadly, in Tom Green County alone, there were 13 alcohol related deaths and 19 drug related deaths in 2010.


ADACCV will create a residential detox protocol that will provide a program and environment that is physically and psychologically safe for detoxification from dangerous drugs and alcohol. Additionally, ADACCV will provide patients with continuous access to emergency medical care. ADACCV will ensure qualified personnel are available as mandated by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TX DSHS) Standard of Care, Chapter 448.902, including a Medical Director who is a licensed physician, a licensed vocational nurse or registered nurse. The physician or their designee (physician assistant or nurse practitioner) and direct care staff will be on call 24 hours per day.

Prior to admission, a qualified credentialed counselor will complete an intake assessment to determine if detox placement is recommended. A physician will complete a physical exam to determine eligibility for admittance in the detox program. Clients will be medically and psychologically supervised. Under direction of the Medical Director, medications will be available to manage withdrawal symptoms. Clients will be expected to attend counseling sessions unless otherwise ordered by a physician or during the first 24 hours of assessment and admission. 

Patients will be monitored regularly for vital signs, physical condition, mood, behavior and participation. They will receive counseling services to measure and assess their readiness for change and provided with information and education on substance abuse and addiction. Counselors will provide at least one individual session with each patient per day and will develop an individualized detoxification plan with goals of increasing the patient’s motivation for change. 

Subsequent residential substance abuse treatment is a critical component of a dependable continuum of care plan and is the second step in the three stage model of treatment. Counselors will emphasize the importance of participation in residential treatment and on-going aftercare upon every patient’s successful completion of the detox program. A patient’s participation is essential in maintaining successful recovery.


San Angelo has a history of stepping up to the plate and taking care of its own. We have the solution but we need your help. ADACCV is currently accepting donations for the construction of our residential detoxification facility. Donations can be mailed or made online at our website. The estimated cost of this project is $5,000,000, which includes furnishings, appliances, etc.

You can pledge your support. Click on the first PDF link to view our gift plans. Please click on the second PDF link for the pledge form.

ADACCV Detox Expansion Capital Campaign Gift Plans

ADACCV Detox Expansion Capital Campaign Pledge Form

Donations can be mailed to:

c/o Detox Expansion Project
3553 Houston Harte
San Angelo, TX 76901

Office: 325-224-3481

Email: or  


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July 17, 2014 - Substance Abuse Treatment Provider ADACCV Embarks on Capital Campaign for $5 Million Expansion

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