Have A Heart for ADACCV Fundraiser

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The Have a Heart for ADACCV fundraiser started in 2005. Back then, ADACCV had a generous volunteer who would cook and bake for the clients at Williams House, ADACCV's intensive residential facility for adult males. Her yummy confectioneries inspired an idea - why not use those treats to raise money for ADACCV? ADACCV decided to host an online auction bake sale, just in time for Valentine's Day! Since then, ADACCV has hosted Have a Heart on an annual basis. Confectioneries would be donated by many generous businesses and local bakeries and even ADACCV Board members and staff! Since 2005, it has grown to include gift baskets that consist of more than confectioneries and a dinner gala. This event would not be made possible without the generosity of community volunteers and generous donors. 

Save the Date for the 10th Annual Have A Heart for ADACCV

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Sponsorship Opportunities

ADACCV is still in need of sponsors for this event.There are several benefits to being a sponsor and various levels are available to suit your budget. To be a sponsor, contact E. Angelina Osornio Torres at 325-224-3481 or angelinao@adaccv.org.  

  • LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME - $1,000 
    • 10 tickets (one table)
    • Signage at the Event 
    • Logo on all printed advertising 
    • Logo on Event Program 
    • Logo on Agency Website for 6 months 
    • Name/Logo/web link posted on Agency FB page 
  • HAUTE COUTURE - $750 
    • 6 tickets 
    • Signage at the Event 
    • Logo on all printed advertising 
    • Logo on Event Program 
    • Name/Logo/web link posted on Agency FB Page 
  • LES TABLEAUS - $500 
    • 4 tickets Signage at the Event 
    • Logo on all printed advertising 
    • Name on Event Program 
    • Name/Logo/web link posted on Agency FB page 
  • BON AMIES - $250 
    • 2 tickets Signage at the Event 
    • Name on Event Program 
    • Name/Logo/web link posted on Agency FB page 
  • AVOIR UN CŒUR (Have A Heart) - $_______________
    • All levels of support are greatly appreciated. 
    • Please write in an amount you prefer to sponsor. 

Have A Heart for ADACCV E-Auction

The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley (ADACCV) will host its 10th Annual Have A Heart for ADACV E-Auction. The e-auction is the first part of ADACCV’s Valentine’s Day themed fundraiser.

The Have A Heart E-Auction is now opening on Thursday, February 12th from 10am and closes on Friday, February 13th at 3pm.  Confectionaries and gifts baskets, donated by local businesses, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The e-auction will take place on ADACCV’s website. The items will go to the highest bidder on February 13th at 3pm. 

The auction website will launch and open on Thursday, February 12th at 10:00 AM! Stay tuned!

How automatic bidding works

When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. The other bidders don't know your maximum bid.
We'll place bids on your behalf using the automatic $5 bid incriment, which is based on the current high bid. We'll bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder, or to meet the reserve price, up to your maximum amount.
If another bidder places the same maximum bid or higher, we'll notify you so you can place another bid. Your maximum bid is kept confidential until it is exceeded by another bidder. 

Bid Arrow

Here's an example:
  1. The current bid for an item is $10.00. Tom is the high bidder, and has placed a maximum bid of $12.00 on the item. His maximum bid is kept confidential from other members.

  2. Laura views the item and places a maximum bid of $15.00. Laura becomes the high bidder.

  3. Tom's bid is raised to his maximum of $12.00. Laura's bid is now $12.50.

  4. We send Tom an email that he has been outbid. If he doesn't raise his maximum bid, Laura wins the item.

How to Bid:

  1. Find the item you want to bid on and click on the link
  2. Click on “Bid Here”
  3. Enter your name, email address and phone number
  4. Enter your bid amount
  5. Click on “Submit Bid”
  6. You do NOT need a username and password

Due to the shelf life of most of our auction items, they must be picked up by Friday, February 14th.  Staff will be here until 6:00 to 6:30 PM to allow people to pick items up after work.

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